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Mental Health Research Awards for Investigators Early in their Career in Low and Middle-Income Countries

A technical assistance webinar on mental health research awards for investigators early in their career in low and middle-income countries.

from NIMH News Feed

Published by revpaulparks

Paul Parks took early retirement in 2020 after about two decades of serving as a Vicar in the Church of England. He now lives in Ballaugh, Isle of Man, British Isles with his wife and two youngest children. Though his time of serving in the Church of England has come to an end, his career is far from over. In fact, he is now training to be a psychotraumatologist so he can help others overcome the traumas they’ve faced in their lives. Paul is qualified to lead others on their mental health journies, especially since he has experience in overcoming his own mental health disorders. He is now very vocal about the importance of seeking treatment and removing the shame surrounding pursuing help. Learn more about his journey and new endeavors at

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